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I'm a growth strategist blending creativity, agility, diplomacy and two decades in science, technology and public health to help innovation organizations and leaders reach their fullest potential. 

In working with the topmost executives of the biggest and best respected companies in the world - and some outstanding startups - the lesson is the same:  Great communications is not talking about what you do, it's about shaping who you and your audiences are. It isn't a tactical add-on; it's a growth multiplier. 

I founded ENTENTE for innovators who want to make a bigger impact. Let's get to it. 

CEO & Founder Virginia Amann


Communications for the Innovation Economy

{ Move the World }


Your organization changes lives with new ideas, new science, new technologies, new approaches and new ways of bringing the world together. Everything we do is about moving your business forward. We work with you to shape a model, story and approach that builds the powerful alliances and deserved buzz, reputation, trust and social advocacy it takes to:

  • grow sustainably
  • attract great talent
  • attract great partners
  • get funded
  • protect your reputation
  • earn license to operate
  • gain marketshare, mindshare and heartshare
  • and create societal impact.


Connected. Passionate. Forward thinking. Socially conscious. Irreverent but always relevant. Our approach is make it happen, roll up our sleeves, and commit as much heart and sweat as you do.

Our team is a blend of communications strategists, blockchain/fintech enthusiasts, healthcare and tech execs and creative masters.  Together we architect, visualize and champion you and your story in a way that galvanizes, inspires and creates change and momentum among your most important audiences.

Problem Solvers

  • Alliance Building
  • Executive Communications
  • Brand Strategy
  • Digital Impact
  • Fundraising Communications
  • Media Relations
  • Community Engagement
  • CSR
  • Thought Leadership
  • Influencer Networking
  • Public Health Leadership
  • Crisis and Issues

{ Our Partners }

Who We Work With

Our partners are multinational corporations, small and medium sized companies and NGOs/non-profits. What they have in common is real heart and a mission to make a positive impact on people and societies through innovative science and technology, new approaches, and fresh ideas and business strategies.

What We Look For

Ethical Leadership. Leading technologies and approaches. And big ideas with the potential to create efficiencies, inspire, empower, and help people live better, healthier, happier lives. 

Our Partners' Stories

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Where You'll Find Us

...speaking, networking, supporting clients and rolling out new media platforms and campaigns

World Conference of Science Journalists October 2017 San Francisco

Summit LA November 2017 Los Angeles 

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference January 2018 San Francisco

World Economic Forum January 2018 Davos, Switzerland

SXSW March 2018 Austin

Biotechnology Innovation Organization Annual Conference June 2018 Boston

Aspen Ideas Spotlight Health June 2018 Aspen, Colorado

coming up...

Forward Festival / NeXXpo Madison August 2018

Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer Advances in Cancer Immunotherapy September 2018 Madison

AdvaMed The MedTech Conference September 2018 Philadelphia

Consensus Invest November 2018 New York

SITC2018 November 2018 Washington DC

JP Morgan Healthcare Conference January 2019 San Francisco

World Economic Forum January 2019 Davos, Switzerland

HIMMS February 2019 Orlando

SXSW March 2019 Austin

Biotechnology Innovation Organization Annual Conference June 2019 Boston

{ Let's Get to It }

Madison WI & Chicago IL

Our HQ: Madison Capitol Square

25 West Main Street, Fifth Floor Suite 17

Madison WI 53703

Our Big City Hub: Chicago Fulton Market

Main Phone

+1 312 416 8438 

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