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Your organization is changing lives with new ideas, new science, new technologies, new approaches, and new ways of bringing the world together. When you get the reputation and create the influence you deserve, you can create more impact.

We build the powerful alliances, deserved reputation, trust and social advocacy it takes to grow sustainable organizations.

More Credit

  • Alliance Building & Management
  • Strategic Communications
  • Executive Communications
  • Organizational Brand Strategy
  • Fundraising
  • Community Engagement
  • Reputation
  • CSR
  • Thought Leadership
  • Influencer Networking
  • Story Telling
  • Public Health Leadership

More Creativity

Custom build your team.
We are a gig economy network of:

  • Communicators - Say It
  • Designers & Visualists - See It
  • Digital/Social Strategists - Share It
  • Analysts - Know It

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Partner with Passion

Who We Work With

Our partners are multinational corporations, small and medium sized businesses and NGOs/non-profits. What they have in common is real heart and a mission to make a positive impact on people and societies through innovative science and technology, new approaches, and fresh ideas and business strategies.

What We Look For

Ethical Leadership. Leading technologies and approaches. And big ideas with the potential to create efficiencies, inspire, empower, and help people live better, healthier, happier lives. 

How We Do It

Entente believes in the power of the gig economy. We know the best in the business want to work together and work independently too. The Entente Talent Network - ETN - is a new more flexible way of doing business that benefits our partners and our talent. 

Who We Are

  • Founder CEO Virginia Amann is a 20+ year strategic communications pro who blends creativity, agility, diplomacy and a deep appreciation for science and technology to make valued connections and build the reputation and influence that move people in the right direction. 
  • COO Sherif Youssef is an analytics strategist with an MBA who solves problems by building algorithms and asking the right questions. 
  • Senior Partner, Jeremy D. Tunis, Esq. is a licensed attorney with 15 years spanning grassroots advocacy, public affairs and issues management. 
  • The ETN is a growing peer selected talent network of the best professionals in strategic communications, digital and social, visuals and analytics. We stay agile and build flexibly because our partners do.

Our Scientific & Technical Advisory Board

Our Partners' Stories

Read All About It

Read about Johnson & Johnson's new program "Champions of Science" and help raise money for the Biotech Institute by tweeting #ChampionsOfScience

Read the story of our partner CorStone in Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg's new book, Option B.

We just hosted Princess Sumaya of Jordan, Minister Pandor of South Africa, 23&Me, Johnson & Johnson and 600 science journalists for a lunch on women in science Oct 26-30 the 10th World Conference of Science Journalists along with innovation tours, and a gala at California Academy of Science for 1300 professionals dedicated to engaging, incisive, accurate, and high-quality science journalis


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